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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How much will it cost to install a VELUX skylight or window?
    As each home and install situation is different, a price can only be established by carrying out a site inspection and quote. We can also quote off detailed building plans for homes under construction.  back to top

  • I have a flat ceiling, can I still have a VELUX skylight?
    Yes. The VELUX skylight is installed on your roof and a 'splayed shaft' is then constructed from the base of the skylight to the ceiling level. Examples can be viewed in the Gallery.  back to top

  • I have a flat roof or low pitched roof, can I still have a VELUX skylight?
    Yes, there are VELUX models available for roof pitch from 0°. These require custom flashings to suit the roof profile, which we make to suit.  back to top

  • How long does a VELUX take to install?
    Depending on how many skylights and the level of install required, the install can take from half a day to several days.  back to top

  • What is the shaft made with?
    The shaft is constructed with timber/furring channel and then lined with gyprock. All joins are flushed to create a seamless continuation from the existing ceiling. If you have a pine or cedar lined ceiling, we can line the shaft to match, rather than using gyprock.  back to top

  • What roof material can VELUX be installed to?
    VELUX skylights and windows can be installed to all types of roofing including tile, colorbond and slate roofs. Excluding asbestos.  back to top

  • Do VELUX skylights have any warranty?
    VELUX provide a 10 year warranty on all skylights and roof windows. They also provide a 3 year warranty on accessories, such as electric controls and blinds.  back to top

  • Will much heat come through a VELUX skylight?
    VELUX skylights and windows have two glazing options, High Performance Double Glazing and Comfort Double Glazing. Both glazing options have the benefit of 80% radiant heat block, the Comfort Double Glazing has 95% UV Rays block and the High Performance Double Glazing has 99% UV Rays block.  back to top

Clearview Skylights
4/1 Natalie Way
Balcatta WA 6021
Phone: 08 9240 7651
Email: [email protected]

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